ASPIRE Commercial Payments Position Overview

Please review video and content below in preparation for your interview

How you can earn $100k + vested residual as a Sideline
Even during the current times... This is NOT a sales position.

Who is Aspire Partners?

Aspire Partners is the recruiting arm for a billion-dollar Fintech company that has helped thousands of companies – AT NO COST TO THEM – generate significant efficiencies, and turn their Accounts Payable department from a cost into a profit center. How? With a unique, seamlessly integrated solution for automating and monetizing their payments to vendors.
This solution is also helping companies during these challenging times.
In addition to replacement of lost income, this solution has addressed the logistical challenges companies are facing as a result of the pandemic of how they pay bills with employees now working in a distributed environment from their homes. A solutions benefit assessment is prepared and provided for prospective companies at not cost.

A company you can entrust your clients with

With nearly 30 years of experience in payments, our Aspire Commercial Payments service provider has pioneered AP automation globally. They have successfully turned Accounts Payable departments into profit centers at NO COST by automating and monetizing payments to vendors for the past ten years. They have helped over 3000 organizations globally generate significant efficiencies and financial rebates by paying their vendors. That means your Clients will be working with a company that is optimizing and enhancing our platform, NOT building and developing.

Build for Tomorrow Today

Imagine Scott...

Scott is your longtime friend and client, who is now CFO of a $900M annual revenue manufacturing company. You call Scott and pique his interest in a way his company - at no cost - can reduce fraud and convert their AP department from a cost center to a profit center. Scott wants to know more...

So, you schedule a 15-minute call for Scott to talk to Bob, a certified Account Excutive, to learn more. Your role is complete. Bob handles everything from there – that first 15-minute call, the follow up to the close. With the economic uncertainties of the times, Scott is especially motivated to turn his company’s AP department into a profit center... A sale results.

$126,000 Annually … that’s about what YOU will earn for making that 5-minute call and connecting Scott and Bob.

How can you earn $100k + vested residual as a sideline?

NO SELLING involved. Simply pique interest and make an introduction for a 15-minute online overview presentation with a certified Aspire Partners Account Executive.

In as much as your role is complete, you have complete transparency and can be involved as much or as little in the sales process as you’d like.

With over 3000 organizations already using our platform, you can rest assured that our team is experts at presenting our solution to your trusted relationships.

After your introduction, your assigned Account Executive will handle everything from the first presentation to integration with the client. Our sales process and solution are entirely free for the client. So, your trusted relationships will never be pressured to work with Aspire. 

You will receive your residual monthly income for the life of client’s contract (average 8-12 years).

Do you have Established Relationships with decision makers:
Are your Established Relationships in one or more of the following industries:

If you do, there is an unsaturated market for you to tap into:

A land grab began for modernizing and monetizing supplier payments. Aspire Partners Commercial Payments’ service provider automates companies’ AP, reduces AP operating expense and fraud, and generates revenue when paying suppliers.

Get paid 8 to 12 years every time a company that you introduced to Aspire Commercial Payments’ service provider pays its vendors after the service is implemented.

Every time your clients pay their monthly bills, you get paid. 

You will receive approx. $5,000-$7,000* annually for every $10 Million in Accounts Payable converted to Aspire’s service provider System. 

*This is not a guarantee of income. Results will vary.

Prepare for tomorrow, today!

Add to your retirement fund, your new home fund, your college fund …

Remember, this is a residual monthly income (not a salaried linear income) that pays on average 8 to 12 years.  

Conservatively in 5 (vs 8 to 12 years)… 

1 Small

$50M annual revenue company averaging $10M converted AP spend means:

$35,000 to $49,000 in 5 years

$41.000 to $54.000 in 8 years

$49,000 to $62,000 in 12 years

1 Mid-Sized

One mid-sized $200M annual revenue sized company (averaging $40M converted AP spend) is:

$100,000 to $140,000 in 5 years

$124,000 to $164,000 in 8 years

$156,000 to $176,000 in 12 years

2 Small,
1 Mid-Sized Company


$170,00 to $238,000 for 5 years

$206,000 to $272,000 in 8 years

$254,000 to $300,000 in 12 years

Do you have Established Relationships with decision makers:


Basis Points are used in calculating credit card fees. Unit of measurement equal to 1/10th of 1%. 10 Basis Point = 0.10%

AP spend = how much the company’s Accounts Payables are.

Variances Depend on a company’s AP spend.

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