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Account Executives

Business Professionals

1099 position

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Pay for performance position

Sideline position

Alongside your current position

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Channel Referral Partners

Referral Partners



Side gig


Business Opportunity

“Referral” anything


The Account executive’s role is to Submit a lead and schedule a Discovery Call with the prospect.

Aspire Workflow Automation

Aspire Workflow Automation brings enterprise-level workflow automation to the small and medium-sized business market with no upfront implementation costs and no need for internal IT or engineering resources.

Workflow automation uses technology and software to automate and streamline business processes, eliminating manual tasks and reducing human intervention. We all know this is crucial in today’s business landscape by driving efficiency, reducing errors, cutting costs, enabling scalability, and increasing visibility. Embracing automation can give businesses a competitive edge and position them for success in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world.

Small and mid-size businesses often face several challenges when automating manual workflows. These can include cost and resource constraints, limited ability to leverage technology for business growth and efficiency, and human tasks that can lead to errors, delays in operations, and reduced visibility into the work done. They must improve their ability to seize growth opportunities and meet customer demands. Addressing these challenges is where we come in. The business can focus on the most critical and high-value tasks by automating manual processes and providing support, continuous management, and maintenance of the automation.

Aspire Workflow Automation service provider’s team has successfully built businesses together for the past 30 years. Across all the businesses, the one constant has been creating and implementing workflow automation solutions so the businesses can scale. Bringing these solutions to the small and mid-size business market is something we know intimately because that’s the space we’ve continuously operated in.

The solutions integrate with any business tools or software, including Excel, QuickBooks, Calendar reminders, CRMs, project management tools, and proprietary systems.

Our team recognizes that businesses have very different processes, which is where we come in by offering customizable, bespoke workflow automation solutions tailored to the business’s needs. We document their current processes, find the inefficiencies, and implement the solutions without charging the business anything upfront.

The process begins by scheduling a free assessment with your prospect to uncover specific pain points the business is experiencing. Then, complete an automation assessment highlighting inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and potential for errors. Once we implement the solutions and the business confirms everything is working correctly, the client is billed a manageable monthly fee to monitor and maintain the automation.

The client receives 24/7 support in case anything becomes disrupted, allowing the business to continue without internal IT or engineering resources.

By implementing workflow automation, businesses can reduce the time and money spent completing manual, repetitive tasks. They’ll also have increased visibility into what work is being done, allowing them the resources needed to scale – All without any upfront cost, providing a risk-free path to enhanced efficiency, scalability, and profitability.

Here is the best part: most everyone knows a business owner or C-level executive, and we can help all these companies now when they need it the most. Our Account Executives set up a meeting, that’s it. Our team does the rest. The bottom line is that we offer a risk-free service that will pay our Account Executives monthly for years. For our clients, we give them time back through workflow automation so they can focus on more important things. It’s a win-win with one of the largest markets you’ll ever get to introduce a service to and the quickest way to make money now and for the long term. Literally every business is a potential client. Companies have no choice but to have automation to stay ahead of the game. Even better, many businesses need multiple automations, which means you’ll continue to make even more money as time goes along with that same client. Your client will never want to return to the inefficiencies of not having automation. They will continue to use this service once they experience its advantages. It’s easy; you simply set up a meeting, and we do the rest. Imagine what just one client, if not ten or more, would mean to your bottom line by getting paid for 3, 5, 10, or more years for an introduction. Doing the work once and continuing to be paid monthly is the smarter way to make money, period.

Aspire Credit Card Audit

Most businesses have tried switching their credit card processor for lower fees, only to find they are back to paying the same as their previous processor within six months. Or even worse, they realize the new payment processor has increased their rates, and all the effort put into switching processors had no effect on lowering their overall fees. This is where Aspire Credit Card Audit comes in. We analyze businesses’ merchant services accounts to uncover excessive fees and work with their current credit card processor to remove these fees and protect against future rate increases. There’s no work required for businesses, no switching their payment processors, and no changes to their operations.

We start by auditing a few of their most recent merchant service provider statements. Then, we deliver an easy-to-understand analysis without obligation or cost to the business. We have a 100% success rate in identifying savings, and on average, companies save over 28% on their payment processing fees. After reviewing the analysis results, if a company decides to engage our services, we will work on their behalf with their existing payment processor to make the necessary account adjustments to realize the savings we identified with our analysis of their merchant credit card statements. 

Our success is based on actual, measurable results; our fees are only a percentage of the savings. They simply pay a portion of the refunds, credits, and savings. That’s it. A reduction of payment processing fees with measurable results on a contingent basis.

All we need to get started is a desire to pay less and two or three of the most recent merchant processing statements. Our clients have the results of our analysis available within two business days and can quickly be on their way to savings.

Aspire Specialized Tax Savings

Demand for tax credits are up 2,000%.

Your clients want it, and you should be providing it.

The nations leading tax incentive management system is available for your clients, and YOU can be the one to introduce them to it.   

Clients simply visit our website where they can search for hundreds of tax incentives in 60 seconds.   Claiming their benefit is easy and requires:

  • No long term commitments
  • No waiting to see if they qualify
  • No setting up a phone call
  • No wasting their time

They simply choose which tax incentives they’d like to receive, assign someone in their office to upload a few documents, and our system does the rest.   

We have identified over 37B in tax incentives for our clients over the last 23 years with zero IRS disallowances.

It took a pandemic to make businesses realize that tax incentives even existed.  Unfortunately most business owners didn’t look any further than the poorly managed and never extended PPP program which in the end only gave out a few hundred billion dollars.   Our system taps into over $2.3 TRILLION in federal benefit and receives new funding every single year.   Many of our programs date back to the 1950’s and are here to stay which means clients can stay with us for life.

And YOU get to the be the one to introduce them.  

You get to be the one to help save their business

You get to be the hero

And YOU will be the one they are referring all their friends to.

So how do YOU make money?

As an (aspire) ________ (account executive) you will have:

  • Custom social media post
  • Custom blog articles 
  • Custom email templates
  • And everything you need to drive traffic to 
  • YOUR own personal landing page

This is where your clients quickly calculate how much they qualify for, and decide which tax incentives they’d like to receive.   

We share in the client benefit, and as an __________ (account executive) you share in the profit.

Clients can get millions of dollars in tax incentives, and you can earn thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on each of your clients.   

Getting started is easy.  Become an (aspire account executive) today!

Aspire Commercial Payments

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the commercial payments division of Aspire Partners. I’m so excited to share this unique opportunity in the market and why it is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up, whether you are gainfully employed, looking for a new job, or exploring other opportunities. This is an opportunity that can fit alongside your other professional commitments.

Automating and monetizing vendor payments has been the most significant and most ubiquitous business-to-business opportunity since Y2K.

Aspire Partners is a platinum distribution partner break global, publicly traded financial technology company that is simply leading the market in this business-to-business payment revolution.

Over the next several years, every organization will implement this payment solution to reduce check fraud, create efficiencies, and generate a significant rebate by paying their vendors. For the first time, accounts payable organizations have a path to become cost-neutral versus a cost center.

The time is now for you to be a part of this finance revolution. So, how does this solution work? We are helping thousands of companies nationwide get out of the business of cutting checks to their vendors while generating tens of 1000 to 1,000,000 dollars in rebates. We are the last mile in the payment process, making decisions and dispersing all payments to vendors using the lowest cost and highest rebate-generating payment methods. We can take a payment file from any ERP or accounting system in ways that don’t require significant technical resources and integration. This solution requires no budget at all. The customer never receives an invoice from us.

How is this all possible? We all make money from a payment method called a virtual card. A virtual card is a digital 16-digit single-use Visa or Mastercard issued for each payment and sent to a vendor for them to process like they do any other credit card in business-to-business payments. This is the most secure, efficient, low-cost, and highest rebate-generating payment method available.

Millions of vendors are already using it, and the time is now for you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. This is an extremely sticky solution with our clients. Imagine being paid every month for the life of a customer over many years, and we do all the work. 

Aspire Medical Underpayments

Hello, and welcome to ADHC and our industry-exclusive medical underpayment review and recapture program. Let us start by defining underpayments.

First, we are not, and let me repeat, we are not a billing company.

We are the platform that comes behind your successful billing.

We review those payments received and, 100 percent of the time, identify and recapture more money on those closed-out payments.

Naturally, you’re asking yourself, how can they do that? Well, that’s easy.

The medical billing team, in-house or outsourced, has a different focus and function than we do. Their job is to get their client as much money as they can and as rapidly as they can within the confines of various contracts.

They accomplish this via a fundamental understanding of their contract, billing practices, and the industry-established ranges for success. Now, let’s review what we just said. They have a fundamental understanding of their contracts. That means that they don’t have a perfect understanding of clients’ contracts. Those contract nuances, the caveats, the thresholds, etc., all impact billing and payments. Right there, money is being left on the table. The industry has acceptable ranges for success within which they operate. Again, more money is being left on the table, along with many other considerations.

So what do we do? Well, we have designed industry-leading software within which we’ve embedded 1000 of commercial contracts with every imaginable variation and methodology, along with all standardized billing and payment systems in conjunction with a customized integrated tracking system that analyzes every payment you’ve received.

The software then compares and contrasts against your actual contracts. Instantly identifying the monies they are owed, but weren’t paid. Our expert staff then analyzes the data and does a second-level review to validate and refine the software findings.

We communicate this back to client and then pursue those monies on their behalf, and we do all of this at no cost to the client as we are a contingency platform.

They don’t owe us anything until such time as new money on already closed-out payments hits your account. At which point, the client keeps 70¢ on every dollar of this newly found money. I know.

I know. There’s other software out there, some costing millions but, and it’s a really big but. We’ve come behind every single one of them, the billers, the would-be competitors, the software, and we have found substantially more money 100 percent of the time.

It hasn’t mattered if we were looking at small medical practices or multibillion-dollar hospitals. There’s always more money. And since we’re the ones taking the financial risk to prove it, they have no reason not to take a look and see what they are owed.

Remember, many contracts only allow review and recapture for up to 12 months. So, every day you wait, there’s a block of money that’s gone forever.

Aspire Same-Day Pay

So why is it so important to have a pay card with pay any day already embedded within it? Because Pay Any Day has a proven track record of reducing employee turnover by as much as 36% and increasing job consideration by as much as 75%, allowing your employees to save 100 of dollars in late fees, interest charges, and penalties from everything from check cashing establishments to paying their bills time.

This Visa pay card is an employee benefit where they can now choose when they get paid and make it through the month. There are no monthly subscription fees or overdraft fees, and the pay card comes with an ATM network access, bill pay, send money, and instant pay any day. Plus, there are no credit checks or minimum balances, and each account has Visa’s 0 liability protection and FDIC insurance.

Also, the pay card is designed to enroll up to 100% of your employee base with immediate activation on day 1 of employment using the fastest sign-up and direct deposit process possible in combination with our easy, rapid integration technology.

This revolutionary new pay card can help solve your immediate labor and hiring issues while also helping improve some of your workers’ financial realities without adding $1 to an employers bottom line.

Aspire Shipping Solutions

We all recognize the major shift with online purchasing, and most of us have packages delivered to our houses weekly. The transition has been accelerated over the past few years, heavily driven by COVID and the continued expansion of Amazon and other online retailers. Growth rates in this space have doubled over the last few years and will continue to accelerate over the next five years. Companies shipping these products are scrambling to meet these demands, and customers’ expectations have never been higher. Gone are companies relying solely on UPS and FedEx to meet their needs. Companies must develop complex shipping solutions that are technology-enabled, multi-carrier, and multi-location strategies to keep up with the demand. Most companies need more resources and knowledge to meet these ever-changing needs.  

Introducing Aspire Shipping Solutions.

Aspire Shipping Solutions is a complete shipping solution for high-volume shippers of all types. If a company ships products, we can help. Starting with a comprehensive analysis, we work with shippers to tailor the optimal strategy fotheir company. As no two shippers are the same, neither are two perfect strategies. We consider geographical locations, number of facilities, operational capabilities, and delivery requirements – ultimately landing on the ideal blend of cost and performance. 

We simplify the multi-carrier approach and provide access to aggressive rates from national and regional carriers that either supplement a shipper’s existing carrier group or replace them entirely.

A sophisticated UI-based business rules engine automates and streamlines the entire shipping processAt the same time, dynamic tracking and reporting provide the real-time shipment status to customer service groups, other systems, and ultimately the final customer. 

After delivery, we conduct a thorough post-shipment audit and then invoice the customer on a single consolidated invoice, simplifying the payment chain and eliminating the potential for carrier error and misbilling. With predictive analytics and carrier performance metrics, the strategy is continually refined and perfected while remaining fluid in a shipping landscape that is the most volatile we have ever seen. All while driving savings to the shipper. These savings go beyond the basic rate savings and extend through operational efficiencies, eliminating errors, stopping common punitive surcharges like address correction fees, and vetting the carrier invoices for accuracy. Crucial in high-volume shipping environments, aligning billed costs with actual shipped costs is an imperative step, and without this, shippers are undoubtedly paying more than they should. 

Aspire Shipping Solutions drives measurable and substantial savings to the shipper and income to you. Imagine that the shipper you introduce to Aspire Shipping Solutions ships a thousand or more packages daily, and you get paid on every shipping label going through our software. Even better, imagine being paid on your client monthly for the next 5-10-20 years or more, skyrocketing your income while solving one of the biggest challenges for most companies that ship products. This product is super glue within a company, ensuring you long-term monthly income.

Once a client is on our platform, they never leave. Their business will inevitably change over time. Our approach is flexible, and we continue to serve as a trusted resource as these changes occur. Customizing the software or bringing in additional carrier options and services is always possible. We utilize the deep knowledge of our analytics and engineering team to help make sense of these changes, positioning us as the last shipping software your clients will ever need. If your client ships, they will want to be on this platform. Take advantage of the massive growth in the marketplace to earn a lifetime income. All these complexities of shipping that solve problems are why you’ll get paid every month for years. Here is the best news: working with Aspire Partners, you’ll just submit your client relationship and then schedule a discovery call, and we’ll do the rest.

Job Board Ad

Aspire Partners seeks current or former Business Professionals, Executives, B2B Sales reps, Finance executives, CFOs, COOs, and Controllers.

Become an Aspire Account Executive and utilize your professional experience.

You can be part of the solution needed TODAY. Help businesses across America create efficiencies and much-needed revenue for their companies during these economic uncertainties with no cost to the businesses.

Earn $100K+ annually … as a Sideline—no need to quit your day job. Part-time or full-time.

Pay for Performance, 1099 compensation.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Current or former Business Professional, Executive, B2B Sales Rep, Finance Executive, CFO, COO, or Controller.
  • Self-motivator who routinely sets and exceeds their own goals. If you’re goal-oriented and self-motivated, you’ll thrive here.
  • Proven track record of relationship-building and influencing.
  • A business professional who wants to change their financial disposition.

Position Overview:

  • Pay for Performance, 1099 compensation – residual monthly income paid for the client’s life (average 10+ years!).
  • This position requires No cost. NO risk. NO quotas and NO caps on earning
  • Your Role: Identify opportunities in our unique cost-saving services with prospects and new clients, building them into profitable long-term relationships.
  • Work alongside your current position or business.
  • Sideline, Part-time or Full-time.
  • Training and ongoing support provided.

About Us:

Aspire Partners offers B2B solutions with front-end timing and at no cost or investment to prospective companies. It’s a win-win for clients. Current inflationary conditions make our services more relevant and in demand for all sectors. Companies desperately need your help. Our solutions can help companies thrive during these uncertain times by solving efficiency issues and adding to their bottom line.

Every business needs to reach peak profitability and efficiency. Handling account payables, reducing expenses, and attracting and retaining good employees is vital to the success of every business. We create operational efficiencies and actual cost savings for companies of all sizes and industries without switching vendors or established relationships.

Next Steps:

Upon submitting your application, candidates will receive a Next Steps email with a brief overview. A hiring team member will contact candidates who meet our qualifications to schedule an interview.